Rappan Athuk

Nearly clearing the Mouth of Doom!

Slime is gross. Leeches are gross. This dungeon is gross.

This week, the party picked up their shiny new barding from Big Morgan and strapped it onto their various creatures, then immediately headed off for more adventure in the Mouth of Doom.

After getting frustrated with the number of empty and abandoned rooms with nonsensical pit traps, they fought off a large number of centipedes that had taken up residence in a rather ominous looking mural of deadly creatures and a hooded black figure.

After plugging the holes and continuing, they managed to come across a room that was sagging with the weight of a massive slime pocket above. Drips of green goo melted everything it came in contact with, and they spent many minutes arguing about a course of action until Fijit realized she could use her Floating Disk spell as a makeshift umbrella. The party was ferried across the dangerous room and into a room with three chests – some trapped – that were disarmed and opened for some good loot.

They later discovered a room containing massive brass braziers, one of which happened to contain a giant snake which was awoken by Mort after he tried pouring holy water on it. It didn’t do much except piss it off. Luckily, only William was bitten badly, and thanks to rapid application of Antivenom and Healing by Biyatch and Mort, was able to escape the ordeal with only a small amount of constitution sapped from his body.

Despite having a 200-pound snake corpse tied to the back of their horse, the party decided to press on through a secret door they discovered in the same room. Through a crawlspace, they emerged in a giant antechamber with a skeletal statue. There were also a lot of leeches. The leeches put up a good fight and drained quite a bit of blood, but were eventually slain. The ever-brave Brad the Bard managed to get the final hit, to the cheers of all.

With the discovery of an ominous, foul-smelling staircase leading downwards, the party decided to call it a day and head back up to Zelkor’s. What will next week bring?


Gloveless Gloveless

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