Rappan Athuk

The Adventure Begins

Zelkor's Ferry is a nice little town... right?

Our brave adventurers begin their journey!

The passengers of a boat heading to Zelkor’s Ferry realized they all had a common goal – to explore the depths of Rappan Athuk for their own reasons – riches, glory, escaping their overbearing parents, and other unknown reasons. The adventurers hired a mysterious mute man whom they nicknamed Smiley after he carved a face into the boat’s deck with his falchion.

The party members are:

Fijit: A feisty gnome sorcerer with a terrifyingly large gecko named Pooky. Pooky seems to enjoy eating (large) insects and climbing on the ceiling of caves and buildings.

William: A human fighter with daddy issues. Knows how to use a bastard sword one handed. Bonded with Smiley over their mutual strength despite the fact that Smiley can’t speak.

Rigor: Human rogue who says he can find traps but evidently isn’t very good at it. Pokes stuff with two extendable poles but still managed to get stuck on the wrong side of a trapped door. Reasonably good shot with a longbow.

Biyatch: Half-orc barbarian with a man-eating horse named Asshole. Got her greataxe stuck in a giant slime cube, but enjoyed the fight nonetheless. Managed to sell an opal to the town gemcutter – made a good impression.

Mort: Sickly-looking old dhampir cleric who worships Nethys. Also seems to have taken a liking to Smiley as he was the first to pick up the mysterious man’s note. Managed to talk Smiley down from 500 to 200gp to join the party. Thinks that combat should be left to the younger folk.

After arriving in Zelkor’s Ferry and hearing some rather disturbing tales of death and despair from people who had first-hand experience with the Dungeon of Graves, the group decided to head over anyways and enter the Mouth of Doom. On the way, they felt a mysterious presence watching them, but couldn’t figure out what it was.

The terrifying demon face at the entrance to the Mouth of Doom shook the adventurers, but didn’t dissuade them from venturing inside. Quickly, Rigor managed to miss the first trap and got stuck behind a falling portcullis. The rest of the party was quick to winch it open again and stake the wall to prop it up, but attracted unwanted attention from a giant ant.

Further inside, a 10 foot cube of slime was peacefully minding its own business before being brutally destroyed by the party. Inside the slime were a few valuable items covered in goo and partially dissolved.

Fatigued from their first journey into the Mouth, the party decided to head back to Bristleback’s Inn and rest up before proceeding deeper into the abyss.


Gloveless Gloveless

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