House Rules

Gameplay Rules

  • Roll damage at the same time as rolling attack
  • If your character is blind or in darkness, you can’t face the table
  • Gold must be shared equally among all party members
  • Material loot should be distributed fairly (unless democratically agreed otherwise)
  • Gold and loot cannot be hidden or stolen from other party members

Resurrection Rules

  • The spell “Raise Dead” is banned
  • The spell “Resurrection” confers a true permanent negative level (no Restoration)
  • The spell “True Resurrection” works as normal
  • The Necromancer, Ulman Dark, can bring a corpse back to life – for a price

Arcane and Divine Scrolls

There’s no distinction. This is probably the most ignored rule ever.

Purchasing Magic Items

Zelkor’s Ferry is in the middle of a cursed wilderness, and there’s not a whole lot of commerce passing through the area. Rasmus Pye is well known enough amongst the river traders to special-order a limited selection of magic items. At this time he can order:

  • All basic armor, mundane gear, items, and weapons
  • All special materials except dragonhide and angelskin
  • +1 weapons and armor
  • Potions and oils of 0- or 1st-level spells at caster level 1st
  • Scrolls of 0- or 1st-level spells at caster level 1st

Upgrading magic items

Magic items with numerical upgrade systems can be upgraded by shipping the item in question upriver and paying the difference in value plus a 15% fee to Rasmus Pye.

Applicable items include:

  • Magic weapons
  • Magic armor
  • Headbands & Belts
  • Cloaks, rings, etc. of resistance, protection, etc.

Unique abilities can be added to worn items (such as rings) for an additional 50% gold cost. For example, if a character adds the power to confer invisibility to their ring of protection +2, the cost of adding this ability is the same as for creating a ring of invisibility multiplied by 1.5.

Specific magic items and named items cannot be upgraded.

House Rules

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